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Some links that might help you find a rehabilitator nearest to you:

Other states:

  • Alabama (Outdoor Alabama directory)
  • Alaska ( directory)
  • Arizona ( directory)
  • Arkansas ( directory)
  • California ( directory)
  • Colorado (Colorado CPW Directory)
  • Connecticut ( Directory)
  • Delaware ( directory)
  • Florida ( directory)
  • Georgia (Georgia DNR Directory)
  • Hawaii ( directory)
  • Idaho ( directory)
  • Illinois (IL DNR Directory)
  • Indiana (IN Dept. of Natural Resources directory)
  • Iowa (IA Dept. of Natural Resources directory – downloads file)
  • Kansas (KDWPD Resources directory – downloads file)
  • Kentucky (KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources directory)
  • Louisiana ( directory)
  • Maine (ME Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife directory)
  • Maryland (MD Dept. of Natural Resources directory — be sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is off)
  • Massachusetts (MA Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs)
  • Michigan (MI Dept. of Natural Resources directory)
  • Minnesota (MN DNR directory)
  • Mississippi (MS Wildlife Rehab directory)
  • Montana (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • Nebraska (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • Nevada (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • New Jersey (NJ FGW directory)
  • New Hampshire (NH Fish & Game directory)
  • New Mexico (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • New York (NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation directory)
  • North Carolina (; select county from dropdown menu)
  • North Dakota (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • Oklahoma (Wildlife Department Directory)
  • Oregon (Department of Natural Resources directory)
  • Pennsylvania (PA Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators)
  • Rhode Island (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • South Carolina (Department of Natural Resources directory)
  • South Dakota (Wildlife Rescue Shelter directory)
  • Tennessee (TN Wildlife Resource Agency directory)
  • Texas (TX Parks & Wildlife directory)
  • Utah (Wildlife directory)
  • Vermont (VT Fish & Wildlife Dept. directory)
  • Virginia (VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries firectory)
  • Washington state (WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife directory)
  • West Virginia (WV Dept. of Natural Resources — contact your district office; they will dispatch a biologist. Locate your district here.)
  • Wisconsin (WI Dept. of Natural Resources directory)

Comprehensive Inter-/National directories:

If, even with these resources, you are struggling to secure help for a wild animal, please contact us. We are always available to animals in need!   We are a rehabilitation facility  in South Carolina that works exclusively with wildlife.  Native wild animals that we rehabilitate include: squirrel (both Eastern Gray and Flying Squirrels), opossum, (opossums, possum, possums), chipmunk (chipmunks), bats, raccoon, (raccoons, coons, ‘racoon’), deer (fawn, fawns), bird (birds, songbird, , songbirds, owl, owls, hawk, hawks, vulture, vultures, ducks, duck, duckling, ducklings, Wood ducks, Mallard, Mallards, heron, goose, geese, gosling, turtle, skunk (skunks), bunny, (bunnies, rabbit, rabbits) .  While we do not rehab eagles, bear, or cougars at this location, we do work with other wildlife facilities throughout SC and other states that do, and would be happy to refer you if needed. Animals come to us from many counties including Laurens County, Greenville, Pickens, Greenwood, McCormick, Spartanburg, Union, Newberry, Saluda, Columbia, Edgefield, Abbeville, Anderson, Oconee, Union, Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Kershaw, Lexington, and York.  Our federal licenses allow us to legally move birds across state lines, so we can take birds from North Carolina (NC) and Georgia (GA). Please be aware that rehabilitating mammals cannot cross state lines under any circumstances without being in violation of federal law (The Lacy Act). If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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