Partners and Supporters

The success of our rehabilitation work would not be possible without the generosity and support of businesses and community members. Below are links to the websites of organizations that have helped us along in our mission. Thank you!

Greater Greenville Greeter is helping spread the word about our mission across the Upstate.

Izzie’s Pond is a nonprofit Simpsonville-based waterfowl rescue. They handle the domestic waterfowl cases that are outside PAWS’ purview, provide a long-term sanctuary, and help adoptable domestic animals find forever homes.

Rubber Flooring, Inc. donated padded mats to cushion fawns recovering from capture myopathy.

Wildlife Rehab of Greenville is a terrific nonprofit whose members work closely with PAWS to provide care to all wildlife in need in South Carolina.


(Please note that while we thank these groups for their support, PAWS is not responsible for any content within, or views expressed on, any of the sites linked on this page.)

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